GHM ​Jewellery Valuations

    Do you need a Jewellery Valuation for your Insurance, Probate,                    Division of Assets, or Open Market?

  • Jewellery valuations are required for many purposes such as Probate, Division of Assets (for divorce), Open Market and most frequently they are requested for the purpose of Insurance. Whether you have built up a lifelong collection, inherited some treasured possessions or wear and enjoy a few choice pieces, jewellery can often be one of your most valuable assets.
  • A detailed valuation providing information such as; qualities and measurements of gemstones, details of hallmarks and weights together with photographs can be essential if you should ever find yourself in the unfortunate situation of needing to make a claim.  The specifics of your jewels (required to make a claim) are often hard to recall so having a detailed listing with high quality photographs from a fully qualified Institute Registered Valuer not only provides peace of mind but ensures your jewellery is neither over nor under insured.


Valuation details.

Jewellery Valuations in Saint Neots Pe19 Cambridgeshire

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