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Jewellery Valuations in Saint Neots Pe19 Cambridgeshire


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GHM ​Jewellery Valuations


  • Jewellery Valuations- As a qualified member of the Institute of Registered Valuers (affiliated to the National Association of Jewellers UK) we can provide jewellery valuations for Insurance, Probate, Division of Assets, or Open Market purposes.
  • About Us- details of Gaynor's experience, credentials and qualifications achieved over twenty plus years in the jewellery industry. Jewellery appraisals are carried out on site and paperwork is then forwarded upon completion of research. Covering Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, South Lincolnshire, and Hertfordshire areas, and working with 15 Retailers on a regular basis to provide a prompt and accurate jewellery appraisal service. 
  • Fees- Valuation Fees listed from £65, providing two copies of the schedule one for insurance company/solicitor and one with digital images for clients own retention.

Gaynor Haylett-Mustafa, MIRV,DGA, PJ (Gem)Dip. BA(hons) Jewellery, FNAJ

Please be advised in compliance with the requirements of the NAJ and the newly updated GDPR, all client information is stored securely for six years and not shared with anyone, or used for any purpose other than the original valuation instruction.

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